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ROMPOX® EASY - The easiest paving joint mortar

ROMPOX® - EASY is a ready to use 1 component paving joint mortar. After application it hardens when it reacts with the oxygen in air and is thus vacuum packed.   

This highly water permeable jointing mortar is very good for DIY use as it is so easy to use.   ROMPOX® - EASY can be used on patios, footpaths, non trafficked entry areas or similar pedestrian only surfaces all around the house.   The paving joint mortar can be used with almost all types of natural stones, natural and concrete stone slabs as well as clinker surfaces.   

Polygonal slabs / crazy paving or broken stone slabs are the exception.   In this case we recommend using our 2 component paving joint mortars such as ROMPOX® - D1.


Rompox Easy Instructions
1. Pre-Wet

Thoroughly wet the surface and the substrate before you begin. This will ensure even filling and help with the cleanup when the installation is complete.

Note: Do not open the vacuum packed bag before you are ready to use it.

Rompox Easy Pour on
2. Pour on

Open the vacuum packed bag, and pour the ROMPOX® - EASY onto the surface.

Rompox Easy Work it in
3. Work in with squeegee

Work it into the joints with an easy sweeping motion. Use water to help settle it into the joints. Do not use excessive water pressure. It begins to harden immediately after the excess water evaporates or drains away.

Rompox Easy More Water
4. More water

Put more water on.

Rompox Easy Work in again
5. Work it in

Once hardening has begun, gently remove any surface residue. A broom works well for this step.

Note: Unused material can be saved for later use. Simply pour the remaining product into the empty bucket and cover the product completely with water. Make sure the water completely covers the product. Material stored in this way can be kept for up to one year. Do not save material that has begun to cure.

Rompox Easy Final Cleaning
6. Final Cleaning

Within 24 hours you can walk on the surface. Optimal temperature is 68 F, actual curing time will vary with temperature variation.


  • For pedestrian loads
  • For joint widths from 1/4" and for joint depths from 1 3/16"
  • Highly water permeable
  • Mixed ready to use, vacuum packed
  • For DIY use - Can be applied during drizzle
  • No longer necessary to cover surface during drizzle
  • Improved, water compatible formula
  • Practically no resin film

Video courtesy of our colleagues in Romex NZ →

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